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Guangzhou PULLY Beauty Equipment CO.,LTD

Products >> High Frequency Electrostimulation Instrument(DIY-102)

High Frequency Electrostimulation Instrument(DIY-102)

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Product Name: High Frequency Electrostimulation Instrument(DIY-102)
Supply Ability: 100000
Specifications SIZE: 32*21.5*16.5
Price Term:
Port of loading:
Minimum Order
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The high frequency electrotherapy is an important beauty instrument. It is through the glass electrode tube to produce high frequency current, and apply to the face, thus achieves the treatment result.
1. It helps to calm the nerve and has analgesia function.
2. It produces the ozone for sterilization, can help wound to heal and to restrain pores.
3. Improve secretion, the PH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality.
4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.
5. Has the function of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and tightening.

Technical Standard
Power supply: 100-110V 220-240V
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Gross Weight: 40W
MEAS: 32*21.5*16.5

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